Safe and Effective

You’ll see a noticeable difference after brushing your teeth just once with Black Magik Teeth Whitener, which is a refined activated charcoal.

Want some evidence for this?  Take a look around the Internet, and you’ll see plenty of videos of people amazed at how effective activated charcoal is at turning their tainted tusks into brighter biters.

You may notice that many of those videos are of people dumping out the contents of capsules primarily intended to absorb digestive gas.

Here’s the problem with that.  One: ew.  Two: the charcoal in those capsules might scratch your teeth if you aren’t super careful.

Let us throw some science at ya.

There is a Mohs scale of mineral hardness that measures and compares the ability of various materials to scratch other materials.  If one material is rated higher than another one, the higher-rated material can scratch the lower-rated material.

On the Mohs scale, tooth enamel is rated at a 5 while the rating of the charcoal in a capsule could potentially be higher than that of the enamel on your teeth.

Black Magik Teeth Whitener falls in between a 1 and 2, meaning that it is significantly softer than tooth enamel.  Your teeth are safe with our product.