Charcoal 101

Charcoal has played an important role throughout human history.  We have used it for a fuel, a preservative, a water purifier, and a medical treatment.

Once an activation process was developed for charcoal in the late 19th century, activated charcoal quickly found a home in hospitals, clinics, poison control centres, and - well, our homes.

Today, charcoal is rated as Category 1, “safe and effective,” by the American Food and Drug Administration.  It safely and effectively absorbs poisonous toxins in our skin, stomachs, and our mouths.  It is all natural and one of the single greatest benefactors to the human race. In our simple application, it is used to absorb toxins and detoxify your mouth, as well as give you the brightest white smile.  Although it may be a bit messy, it is fun to use and the results leave you with a fresh feeling in your mouth and a smile like no other!


Is Black Magik safe to use if you are pregnant or nursing?

Absolutely!  Black Magik is 100% natural and all organic.  It is the best way to brighten your ivories and keep your gums healthy throughout the whole mommy process.  On a side note, even though you will not be swallowing much of the product, activated charcoal is also used to treat bile flow problems (cholestasis) during pregnancy.  We don’t recommend using our product for that purpose, but you can bet your bronzed baby booties that it will be safe for you and them.

What’s the process for returns and refunds?

Does your attractive, witty partner already have his or her own bamboo toothbrush?  Well, send us a message on our Contact Us page or email us at with your full name, shipping address, and your reason for the return or refund.  Our customer service reps (who have dazzling chompers and mountain-fresh breath) will help you as quickly as possible. Change your mind? No problem! We accept returns that are unopened. Upon receipt of returned & unopened merchandise, we will issue you a refund! Message us here for any return inquiries!

What’s your privacy policy?

You don’t want your secret to outstanding oral hygiene to be known?  Have no fear!  At Black Magik we ensure that all information collected on our website is transmitted securely, stored safely, and will never be distributed to third parties.  We’ve got your back.

ALL these dazzling before & after images used in our marketing efforts have been legally released by outstanding customers who are eager to show their personal results!